We’re a model family.  No, really.  Our family has 4 models: The Accuvape™ V.Stick, V.Stick AV, C.Stick and the Dragon. 

We believe you should be the best at what you do.  That’s why each model in the Accuvape™ family is designed to handle one thing, and one thing well.  We don’t believe in 3-in-1 models that try to be all things to all users.  3-in-1’s are cumbersome and require switching out parts that can be lost or broken.  They tend to work well with some mediums and sub-perform with others. 

Why settle for something mediocre when you can have something designed for your favorite pass-time?

Accuvape stands behind its products with customer care 6 days a week, replacement parts available online and through authorized retailers, and lifetime warranties on all batteries.

Feel confident in buying from ACCUVAPE™.


While the quest for convenience in vaping wages on, the solutions seem to be getting bigger or more complex.  Large attachments, bulky batteries, parts that need consistent maintenance and products that look like space ships and break if you drop them are flooding the market. 

It’s hard to figure out where to put your hard earned money and what will work when you get it home.  Who will deal with your problem when you have one?  Is this going to be a headache?  The market is confusing and there’s no real direction to find solid, easy solutions.

But why?  We’ve been conditioned to think that bigger is better, high tech is better.  ACCUVAPE set out to prove differently and launched the V.Stick in October of 2013.

Sleek and simple to use, the ACCUVAPE V.Stick personal oil vaporizer weighs under 20 grams empty and fits in the palm of your hand, pocket or purse.  With no buttons, on/off switches or complicated instructions, this vaporizer is the easiest to operate in the entire market.  Just inhale and it engages.  It turns off after just 8 seconds until your next use. 

Since 2013, ACCUVAPE has rolled 3 additional models that answer the need in the growing and diverse vaping industry.

The ACCUVAPE Dragon, a true temperature controlled herbal vaporizer, has been a success for users since its roll out.  Enjoy quality convection vaporization at a fraction of the cost with the largest chamber on the market.  All Dragon Mouthpieces are warrantied for life. (add link to that warranty item)

The ACCUVAPE C.Stick can handle any solid concentrate you put in front of it.  A perfectly matched atomizer to battery build makes this hand held vaporizer one of the most powerful and underestimated in the market—micro-dose or go full throttle—the ACCUVAPE C.Stick can keep up.  The cap provides style and a conservative look, keeping your contents private.

Finally, The ACCUVAPE V.Stick AV, the ONLY adjustable voltage battery IN EXISTENCE with absolutely no buttons.  This battery took 2 years to develop and is proprietary to the ACCUVAPE brand.  This is the next generation stylus tip battery.  Enjoy all the things you love about the Original V.Stick with the adjustable voltage feature.

Now that you’ve met the models, meet our founder and the ideals ACCUVAPE was built on.  

Dear ACCUVAPE enthusiasts, In 2013 we started a vaporizer company to fill the growing needs of the emerging vape market.  We saw products everywhere that worked but didn’t work well.  We took it upon ourselves to impart product changes that made things more solid, more reliable and more intuitive—investing in original equipment, never skimping on component materials.  Our failure rate remains less than 1% to this day because of these early decisions in building Accuvape.  We started small: in one town, in a spare bedroom.  We worked tirelessly 7 days a week and grew to one distribution center, one full time employee, distributing to one region of the country.  We now distribute to all 50 states, Canada, the UK and EU, have Midwest and West Coast distribution centers and over 550 authorized retailers that carry ACCUVAPE.  We’ve come a long way using very untraditional means. Our goal was never to be the biggest.  Our goal was to be the best in affordability, functionality, intuitive design, customer service, and replacement parts availability.  We’re the go-to for consumers that want something that works well, is affordable and can be warranty replaced easily.  Two years ago, Accuvape began developing a battery we saw a need for in the coming years.  November 16, 2017, we released the Accuvape V.Stick AV to the public—the next generation stylus tip battery.  Absolutely no buttons or on/off switches and variable voltage, all wrapped up in the most popular vaporizer battery in history: the slimline stylus tip.  This battery is a game changer for the market and we can’t wait for people to try it themselves. We’ve got a lot up our sleeves for 2018.  With the release of new wickless cartridges, automated processes via accuvape.net, increased engagement and offers via social media, we plan to keep you coming back for more all year long! Thank you for stopping by accuvape.net and supporting us throughout the years.  As founders and employees of Accuvape, we appreciate your continued patronage and ask you to let us know if there is anything we can be doing better.  You are the reason we exist and that fact is never lost on us. Sincerely, Hilary Dulany, Founder and CEO   

Accuvape™ V.Stick

AccuVape™ V.Stick Pen Vape Personal Oil Vaporizer Kit
  • ACCUVAPE™ V.Stick
    The ACCUVAPE™ V.Stick personal oil vaporizer offers perfect hits every time! Organic herbal supplement oil, honey oil or your own private blend.  You control the contents and quality with each interchangeable, refillable cartridge.
    The ACCUVAPE™ V.Stick is automatic and shuts off in 8 seconds for the ‘Perfect Puff’. No Buttons, No Dials.  No Movable Parts.  The easiest vaporizer to operate ON THE MARKET.

Accuvape™ V.Stick AV

  • ACCUVAPE™ V.Stick AV
    The ACCUVAPE™ V.Stick AV, the first truly buttonless adjustable voltage battery, is also the easiest on the market to own and operate.  No button means no accidental engagement in a pocket or purse.

    The AV follows the same design elements as our best-selling Original V.Stick, with the added versatility of multiple voltage settings and Turbo Charging.  Now, never be without your V.Stick AV!

Accuvape™ Dragon

AccuVape™ Dragon Dry Herb Vaporizer
  • ACCUVAPE™ Dragon
    Sleek and simple, the ACCUVAPE™ Dragon personal vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand, allowing vaporization of dried herbs at multiple preset-temperatures. No movable, easily-breakable parts, combined with a solid-construction, stainless-steel chamber makes this personal vaporizer ideal for users seeking consistent results from a low-maintenance product. Single button design and LED indicator light make the ACCUVAPE™ Dragon one of the easiest personal vaporizers to operate. A true temperature-controlled portable vaporizer. Users have 3 adjustable settings for individual preference and taste.

Accuvape™ C.Stick


    The AccuVape™  C.Stick concentrate vaporizer offers perfect hits every time!

    Sleek and simple, the ACCUVAPE™ C.Stick personal vaporizer fits in the palm of your hand, allowing vaporization of solid and semisolid concentrates. No movable, easily-breakable parts, combined with a solid-construction, stainless-steel chamber makes this personal vaporizer ideal for users seeking consistent results from a low-maintenance product. Single button design makes the ACCUVAPE™ C.Stick one of the easiest personal vaporizers to operate for perfect hits every time.


Lifetime warranty on all ACCUVAPE™ Batteries