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Lifetime warranty on all ACCUVAPE™ Batteries

Testimonials… From Our Customers

  • I finally got a chance to try out the original V-Stick pen vaporizer with the refillable cartridges. At first touch I felt the quality of material and construction of the V-Stick. Easy to fill the chamber with no mess. From the first hit I was pleasantly surprised at the ease of the draw and consistency of the hits. Great battery life and I like the way the V-Stick stays cool. Inconspicuous elegance with supreme performance. Thank you for creating such a top shelf product.

Calvin VincentDenver, CO
  • The customer service is simply EONS ahead of many companies in similar retail areas. I have reviewed several brands of vaporizers, personally I use Menthol Tobacco oils and the V.Pen is my Vape of choice. There are similar devices on the market, however, when I needed customer service from other brands, it was not available. The guarantee is a rare and unique bonus. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Further, My husband has a V.Dragon Vape for Medical use. I can not stress enough how far ahead of ALL other dry herb Vaporizers this product is. V.Dragon is the only device (We have tested 4 others) that truly vaporizes the herb, WITHOUT carbonizing it! For any user with limited motor-skills… V.DRAGON is the only herb Vaporizer that does not require fiddly button pressing or tiny, difficult to see indicators with click switches requiring pressure which motor skill loss often can not achieve. Thank You – YOU ROCK!

Angela VincentDenver, CO
  • This pen is the most versatile vaporizer I’ve ever found — I love it. The cartridges are affordable so I have several filled with different things.It never fails, it doesn’t break, and if it did, they’d give me a new one. I just have to attach whichever cartridge I want to the battery pack and it’s ready to go. I’ve quit smoking with this thing and love flavored oils as a great substitute to having a cigarette in my hand all the time. I use the stylus with my phone. I always have this thing with me.

Barb -Michigan