We at Quality Products Distribution, LLC take pride in putting customer service first. We manually check each C.Stick battery to insure its functionality prior to selling. We want customers to count on us for high quality, low maintenance products.

C.Stick batteries are warrantied for life, as long as no physical damage has been done to the unit. Save your receipt as proof of purchase.

Please follow the directions provided with your C.Stick, regarding the initial charge before use. Your C.Stick battery’s chip technology requires this 8 hour charge prior to regular use, to insure you receive the most out of your C.Stick battery.

If you are experiencing anything less than an easy usage of the product after this initial charge, please contact us directly at 734-420-7859, or email us at info@accuvape.net. We are happy to help troubleshoot any usage issues, from 9am-9pm EST via telephone or 24-7 via the web.

If you have loved your C.Stick but something isn’t working the way it used to anymore, please click on the button provided below. This link will take you directly to the battery warranty replacement process.

Click Here for the Warranty Proccess

We ask that with each battery warrantied, a new, empty C.Stick atomizer is purchased to eliminate the possibility of repeat battery failure. Most times, a worn-out or damaged atomizer causes the battery issue. If a new battery is attached to a damaged or worn-out atomizer, the same problem will most likely occur again. We’ve reduced the warranty failure rate by implementing this requirement.

C.Stick atomizers are not warrantied due to the nature of the product. If your cartridge does not work on the first try, please contact us by calling 517-420-7589. We are available live between 9am-9pm EST, or anytime via the web at info@accuvape.net.